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Eating & Drinking in Mykonos

A journey throughout Greek gastronomy


Soul Bar Restaurant

To truly understand Greece, you have to taste its food; Greek cuisine shows the country’s true soul.
At Soul Bar Restaurant, we serve food from every region of Greece. We aim to take you on a journey throughout Greece and discover the essence of its cuisine through our signature dishes and drinks.
Our menu is designed to fuse different Hellenic ingredients and transform traditional flavors into extraordinary gastronomic moments.


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Our chef Minas Sarris

Born and raised in Crete, Minas Sarris experimented with ingredients to push the boundaries of what is possible in Greek fine dining. Having excelled in his cooking methods next to awarded chefs, he is now dedicated to using his deep understanding of the nuances of local flavors to create exquisite dishes that showcase the very best of Greek cuisine.

“I am here to share with you my passion for creating extraordinary dining experiences.”
Minas Sarris


Our menu